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          Plastic castable of refractory fiber

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          • Plastic castable of refractory fiber

          • Description:
            Plastic castables of general alumina fiber and zirconium fiber are made from the mixture of aluminium silicate fiber, zirconium-contained fiber, alumina fine powder and zirconia sol and plasticizing agent. Different types are made by mixing fibers of different materials and additives according to linings’ working temperatures to meet the demands of different industrial kilns.
            ● High temperature resistant
            ● Small heat storage
            ● Good thermal shock resistance
            ● Small density
            ● Low thermal conductivity
            ● Convenient for construction
            Heat preservation and insulation materials of the linings of regular pressure-reducing furnaces in petrochemical industry, reforming furnaces of hydrogenation and hydrogen making devices, heating furnaces in metallurgic industry and continuous heating furnace.
            Main physical and chemical properties:

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